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The stone carving blog is my mini journal about stone sculpture It ...

- Lets you know whenever any new stone carving web pages have been posted to this site.

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- Keeps you up to date with all the latest tools and techniques in stone sculpture.

New to sculpting and it saved my life and I'm loving it

Hi there fellow sculpters my name is graeme D and I'm from Victoria, Australia and I am brand new to this amazing hobby/lifestyle and thought I'd share

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The Elephant Of Light

This newly completed work has just been featured in the Shed magazine.

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Stone Carving Night Classes

Night classes are a good way to gain full knowledge about working in stone. Find out about the dates and times for the beginners and advanced classes.

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Understand the basics of stone carving from a simple piece to a fantastic garden sculpture. (A) Learn what to do, Where to set up and what you will need.(B) Take a night class or (C) book a workshop.

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Stone carving gallery

View the stone carving gallery of original works completed by artist and tutor Shaugn Briggs and the adult students who attended the advance stone sculpting course at Papanui High School.

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Outdoor Garden Sculptures To Order

People love outdoor garden sculptures that are hand carved and have a personal connection to their environment. Click to view the gallery of Oamaru stone sculptures created for recent clients.

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Sculpture lessons In Stone Carving

Take sculpture lessons and learn how to carve stone through, begin with a simple easy to do sculpture and then advance to more detailed work.

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Sculptures For Sale

The sculptures for sale are a combination of original works and commissioned projects by artist Shaugn Briggs

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Dealing With The Christchurch Earthquake Through Sculpture.

Dealing with the Christchurch earthquake through sculpture. I carved this Sculpture at a time when Christchurch was experiencing so many earthquakes that it just seemed they would never end.

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Latest work / Replica sculpture of 'The Lion Of Chaeroneia'

The sculpture is a scaled down version of the much larger original marble sculpture in Greece, but personally it was largest sculpture that I have undertaken. It stands at a height of 2 Meters and weighs over 2 ton.

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Good Day, A beginner within the stone carvers world 11 months strong and loving every second of it. I couldnt find a job, and needed a career change bad.

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Eternity on a grand scale

I first started sculpting Oamaru stone as an extension to my other artwork; watercolour painting, photography and sketching. An opportunity arose for

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"The Cost of Freedom Eagle"

“The artist and the eagle” Jeremy Dean Russell, born on June, 12th 1969 in Pueblo, Colorado to Benjamin E. and Carol A. Russell., was the newest addition

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Looking for work.Cut dimensional stone mason & carver of elements of arcitecture ,restoration of heritage buildings & or new ones

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Cut dimensional stone mason & carver.restoration of stone heritage buildings & or make new ones.Elements of architecture:from ashlars-green men , capitals

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cut dimensional stone mason & carver looking for wor

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fishing hook

My name is Shannon, I have been sulpting for little under a year. I become hooked when I watched a stone sulpter at work, then went home, got out my files

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Brighton, East Sussex, UK


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Let Me Out

I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana USA now but am from England. It was there that I went to night school and did a stone carving class at the Midlands Art

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Darren Gosling

'The Storyteller', represented by the head of a Tiki, pulls the Taniwha (A native Maori mythalogical Sea Creature) from his mouth. Carved from limestone

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