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Commissioned and private works by Shaugn Briggs

If you are interested in the sculptures for sale below or you would like to inquire about a commissioned artwork or a large sculpture for your garden, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Artists Statment

The sculptures below are my own personal original works that I exhibit locally in Christchurch.

Current works available 

All sculptures are below can be ordered by filling in the form below.


This is a beautiful sculpture, perfect for a courtyard garden setting.


Oamaru Stone

Height 1200 mm

Width 380 mm

Length 370 mm

Double Koru In Harakeke Weave.



Oamaru Stone

Height 650 mm

Width 400 mm

Depth 140 mm


The harakeke pattern in this sculpture is very difficult to carve in stone, but it is a great contrast as a base for the artwork. 

This sculpture makes a great gift and can be placed in interior and exterior locations.

This sculpture design sells regularly. If you are interested in purchasing one it can be made it order. 

Nude Torso


Oamaru Stone

Height 310 mm

Width 180 mm

Length 100 mm

This smaller sculpture of the nude figure is more of an interior piece for a tabletop or a cabinet. It would make a nice gift as an original artwork.

Previously Sold Works



Mt Somers Stone

Height 400 mm

Width 210 mm

Length 130 mm


Relaxation Lamp


Oamaru Stone

Height 290 mm

Width 120 mm

Depth 90 mm 

Oamaru stone is a perfect medium for sculpting a modern lamp like the one above. Due to the stone being porous it draws in the light instead of reflecting it away. Colors from the LED lights slowly change to create a relaxing ambiance.

For more information about this lamp, Click here.

Untitled Modernist Sculpture


Oamaru Stone

Height 590 mm

Width 625 mm

Length 280 mm

I really enjoy working with abstracts and with this modernist sculpture I wanted to create a piece that pushes the stone to the limit with the way it twists and turns.

Commissioned Sculptures 

Many of the recent sculptures on this website are commissioned projects, particularly the larger sculptures. They are all designed, measured and sculpted to suit the customers needs.  When I meet a client for the first time we discuss ideas about the design and the meaning behind the finished artwork. I will then take a photo of the area where the artwork is going to be placed and get some measurements of the height, width and length.

I then draw up a design and paste it into the background image using computer graphics so the customer gets to see what the sculpture will look like before it is carved.A quote and details about the project are also given.

Once the sculpture is underway, progress photos are emailed to the client at different stages of completion.

Sculptures And Commissions Form 

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork or you would like to commission a sculpture, I would love to hear from you.

Please fill in the form below. 

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Shaugns Recommended Stone Carving Tools

Although the tools below are sold through Amazon. They are the same as the stone carving tools that I personally recommend to my students for carving with Oamaru stone.

Poratable Workbench

These benches are height adjustable which makes them perfect for stone carving. I own the Ryobi workbench and love it, but unfortunatlly it is only sold through Amazon's UK store for people that are wanting to buy it online.

Stanley: Surform Shaver

This is a must-have tool for shaping large areas of Oamaru stone

Riffler Files

These are smaller files that are designed for the parts of your sculpture that are difficult to get at. They are also an essential set of tools

Builders Pencils

Crosscut Hand Saw

This type of crosscut  hand saw is my recommendation for cutting Oamaru stone

Keyhole Handsaw

A very handy saw. Mosty used for sawing after a hole after it has been drilled into the stone.