Abstract Sculpture 

Designing and creating an abstract sculpture can be difficult to do but it is also a very satisfying way of shaping stone. It gives you the freedom to create using expression of ideas at a subconscious level. It is exciting to look at a plain block of stone and visualize the lines and shapes that are possibly hidden within it.

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The next stage is the challenge of how it all comes together. Some artists will get straight into it and make decisions about their artwork as they sculpt. Personally the process that I use is that I start sketching my ideas on paper and I work to get an understanding of how it will look from all sides before I start on the stone. I then sketch the design on the stone and start carving. 

Creating Your First Abstract

If you are looking to carve your first abstract but you are worried about how to go about it, then don't be.

Just go with it. Free your mind and don't let fear get in the way. No matter how it turns out in the end, move into a different realm of thinking which includes releasing clutter in your mind to allow ideas to come. Have the confidence to visualize and sculpt your work to completion. The best part is you don't need to conform to traditional styles, You have the freedom to work with different textures and the effects of light and shadow upon the art work. The finished piece may not be the same as your original idea, but sometimes making changes half way through or going off in a completely different direction is a good thing. 

Every time you work on a new piece you will find that the process gets easier.