by andrea cicconi
(Numana AN Italy)

 pietra# 25

pietra# 25

When we think about sculpture, we tend to visualise figures,
made from precious materials such as marble, alabastor or bronze.
I, on the other hand, have chosen to work with the pink stones which
are found lying on the beaches of the Riviera del Conero on the
Adriatic Coast of Italy. These stones are not of a regular shape but
are weather beaten and corroded by the sea which, in turn speaks to us
through their every crack of times long gone but not forgotten.
My work is therefore my modest tribute to the ancient hidden beauty
of this coastline and Monte Conero which dominates it.

Andrea Cicconi was born and still lives in Numana, a small town
situated at the foot of Monte Conero in the province of Ancona, Italy.

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Wooden Mallet

I recommend using a wooden mallet for carving Oamaru stone.

Chisel Set

Woodworking chisels are perfectly fine for carving with Oamaru stone. 

Masonary Sealer 

This is the best sealer that I could find on Amazon that I would consider to be suitible for Oamaru Stone 

Course Sandpaper

Ryobi Engraver

Fine Sandpaper


Scissor Lift Trolly

Mobile Tool Box

Shaugns Recommended Stone Carving Tools

Although the tools below are sold through Amazon. They are the same as the stone carving tools that I personally recommend to my students for carving with Oamaru stone.

Poratable Workbench

These benches are height adjustable which makes them perfect for stone carving. I own the Ryobi workbench and love it, but unfortunatlly it is only sold through Amazon's UK store for people that are wanting to buy it online.

Stanley: Surform Shaver

This is a must-have tool for shaping large areas of Oamaru stone

Riffler Files

These are smaller files that are designed for the parts of your sculpture that are difficult to get at. They are also an essential set of tools

Builders Pencils

Crosscut Hand Saw

This type of crosscut  hand saw is my recommendation for cutting Oamaru stone

Keyhole Handsaw

A very handy saw. Mosty used for sawing after a hole after it has been drilled into the stone.