by andrea cicconi
(Numana AN Italy)

 pietra# 25

pietra# 25

When we think about sculpture, we tend to visualise figures,
made from precious materials such as marble, alabastor or bronze.
I, on the other hand, have chosen to work with the pink stones which
are found lying on the beaches of the Riviera del Conero on the
Adriatic Coast of Italy. These stones are not of a regular shape but
are weather beaten and corroded by the sea which, in turn speaks to us
through their every crack of times long gone but not forgotten.
My work is therefore my modest tribute to the ancient hidden beauty
of this coastline and Monte Conero which dominates it.

Andrea Cicconi was born and still lives in Numana, a small town
situated at the foot of Monte Conero in the province of Ancona, Italy.

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